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Our Design Methodology

Our highly acclaimed design processes allows us to deliver high quality products and develop outstanding customer relationships. Designed with you in mind, our goal is to educate on the key factors in building your website. Many of our clients that require a re-design of their existing site have been disappointed in the results of the previous web project. From analyzing…

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Business Goals

Determining the purpose of your website is more than a general statement. There are many questions to ask that will require some thought and effort. In this stage of developing your website you will determine the state of your industry, competitive analysis, target market & consumer behavior, your site goals and objectives. Although most will have a general idea of…

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The layout & design of your website will make the first impression on your site visitors. What do you want it say? Will they be impressed, excited, intrigued ... or will the site look like everything else on the world wide web? The design of your website communicates your identity, branding, and level of professionalism! Our design team will help…

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Having an interactive website is what will keep visitors on your page. Combining interactivity is important in determining how your visitors interact with your overall message. Some features include slide-shows, music, a blog, video/multimedia, and much much more. Depending on your goals, you may want the site to be an online resource, entertaining, social, or simply informative. What interactive tools…

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How many visitors do you hope to get on your site? How many visitors give the results your looking for; did they fill out your form, are they reading the pages, are they purchasing products? Traffic analytic tools are very important when developing your online marketing strategy and measuring the success of your website. No one wants a site with…

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Purchasing goods and services on your website is convenient and easy. From simple transactions such as service payments to having a secure online store, e-commerce is a definite must-have for all websites. An e-commerce website is a great way increase revenue or earn income - the use of affiliate marketing allows you to earn commission with no inventory! Banner-ads, amazon…

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Once your website has launched, it's time to develop a plan for updates. Determining the best maintenance option is based on how frequent you want to change the content, the size of your website, and your technical level of expertise. Updates can be difficult without an IT department or having a web guru at your fingertips. When selecting a maintenance…

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I needed a website that could establish credibility for my business. Etech Design Studio was able to provide exactly what I needed.

-Hiram Jackson
-The Michigan Chronicle

I had a designer that couldn't finish the job. Etech turned my old site into a new creature. I keep saying "Wow I didn't know a web site can do that!"

-Andre Macon
-Semper-Fi Firearms

ETECH helped fill in the gaps for me. Now I know the difference between a good website and a great web site!