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Once your website has launched, it's time to develop a plan for updates. Determining the best maintenance option is based on how frequent you want to change the content, the size of your website, and your technical level of expertise. Updates can be difficult without an IT department or having a web guru at your fingertips. When selecting a maintenance package you have the choice of:

  • Contracting an hourly maintenance service plan; idea for infrequent updates and for those with little to no technical knowledge.
  • Using desktop software that enables you to collaboratively author, review, and publish web content while maintaining site integrity — without learning HTML or other web programming languages; requires minimal training but idea for small-medium sites with text/photo only updates.
  • Building a custom or packaged content management system for live online updates; requires some training but idea for large sites, frequent updates, and site layout changes. 
Maintenance is also important in determining your hosting arrangements; while some hosting options provide basic features, your site may require optimum security and the proper "plug-ins" to function properly. Let us help you determine the best maintenance solution!